Thranos; the Sundered Sun

The Sundered Sun. Supreme Emperor of the Tanlier Empire. Slain by the Power Nine



AC: /
HP: /

[Weapons that are not drenched in divinity cannot pierce the Sun’s skin.]

Senses: True Sight. Tremorsense. Dark Vision. Mind’s Eye.

Languages: C’tan, Common, True Telepathy

Resistances: 20 All
Immunities: 10 Radiant, 10, Necrotic, 10, Lightning, 10 Force
Vulnerabilities: 40 Soul

Spell Saving Throw: +10

Spell Attack Modifier: +15

Basic Saving Throws: +10

Special Skills/Talents:
Transgression : Just as his subjects, the Sun is able to to pull from the streams of the Weave directly, though there is something particularly unique about the Sun that makes his use of magic god-like, described below

Soulless Vessel: The Sun is the embodiment of soullessness. He is an empty shell, without purpose or true direction. What drives him on his path is unknown, as is the motor by which he commands his empire.
Effects: Being without a soul, the Sun takes reduced damage from all forms of damage. Something deep within him stirs, giving him his toughened skin, and what that is exactly is something nobody will ever know. This also makes his resolve so much more monstrous than any being alive. His magic is the only magic capable of affecting the otherwise immune Malekith.

Alien Mind: Unlike other Tanlier, the Sun’s mind cannot be read. Creatures cannot directly speak telepathically to him unless he initiates the contact. His movements cannot be discerned by means other than the naked eye, and his location cannot be revealed through divination.

Dread Presence: Creatures smaller than medium size must succeed on a DC 20 Fear check (Constitution) or cower in his presence. Creatures of medium size must succeed the same check on a DC of 10 or else be feared as well.

Deathless: The Sun is a soulless, and as such can never truly die.
Effects: Even if the Sun is struck down by a divine weapon, his essence will seek out a mortal creature on the same plane of existence and possess them. The creature must be extremely powerful to resist being dominated. Once the Sun is in control, he begins a transformative process that breaks down the possessed creature’s body and reconstitutes it into a new body capable of truly being called Tanlier.


Thranos; the Sundered Sun

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